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25 F�vrier 2013 � 11:59

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Esportsfrance : Hello Sev3n, let's start with the usual presentation. Who are you ?
Laurent "Sev3n" B. : Hello. My name is Laurent B., I'm 25 and I live in the southwest of France where I'm finishing my studies. I started playing Quake 3 quite a long time ago but I can't remember the precise year. I only played intagib and instaunlagged back then, mainly because of the bad connection I had (around 80 ping on French servers). It allowed me to learn the basics of Quake 3, especially the movement system (strafe jumps, etc.). I also tried CTF in the end of Quake 3 era but I never did really well ;). Then, when QuakeLive came out I really enjoyed it and I started to play more seriously (around mid-2010) with all weapons and almost exclusively in duel.

Now a question about your equipment, since Quakers often like to discuss mice and other hardware good players use. What are you keyboard, screen, mouse and mousemat ? Also, what kind of sensitivity are you using ?
Around a month ago I changed most of my equipment. First of all, I changed (at last !) my monitor, which allowed me to enjoy the 120hz feeling. I chose the BenQ XL2420T. I don't really have a lot of experience with LCD monitors so one may not take my opinion too seriously, but I find this one to be very comfortable. The only flaw I can think of is its luminosity, which I find far too bright, considering that I spent the last three years playing on a 60hz 30" IPS monitor. I also changed my WMO1.1a which didn't really work properly anymore for a Zowie AM. The transition was pretty easy and this mouse doesn't have any important flaw according to me so I'm happy with it. I use a Steelseries QCK+ Heavy mousemat. Concerning my sensitivity, I'd say I'm a mid/high sens player. I use sensitivity 5 @ 450dpi for Quake, which is approximately 16-18cm / 360°. My keyboard is a basic non-wireless Apple keyboard.

You have been having some good results in online competitions recently and you have beaten players whose names are known for quite a while now, like twister, agent or pavel_. How do you analyse your duel progression since you started playing ?
Let's say that I went through many stages. I did progress in a linear way, with some stagnation periods. I had some troubles at the beginning because players I met had very different skill levels. With time, I got better and my opponents were stronger and stronger. If I had to summarize the different stages I went through with my game, I'd say :
  1. Learning the maps
  2. Moving
  3. Aiming
  4. Timing (Megahealth)
  5. Positionning / tactics / timing (Red Armor) (this is where I am now)

Did you focus on something in particular ?
During these last three months of online competitions, I mostly focused on my timing because I thought that was one of my main weaknesses. I also try to work on my positionning on maps and my out-of-control game. Besides, I didn't practice every map of the mappool and that's something I'm working on.

How would you describe your play-style and who are your models ?
I'd say I'm a pretty agressive player, which is why I favor fast maps. I like that kind of spectacular play. Playing with more experienced opponents made me realise that I had to work on some other things in my game. About the players that inspired me, I would say mainly Cypher and Av3k because I love their aggressive but calculated styles and the way they move on the maps. Then, strenx because of his aim, timing and positionning and also because it's always good to have such a strong player representing France ;). Finally, rapha, the guy with the best career in QuakeLive.

When did you decided to play online competitions ? Did you feel a change in your game that gave you some kind of confidence to fight against the best players or did you go simply to test yourself ?
When I started duel on QuakeLive, I had no plan to play competitively. I was playing for fun, mainly with my friends. I had no ambition to become a strong player or to challenge the best ones. Nevertheless, I recently found out that I got better in many aspects of the game and I wasn't satisfied with a casual play anymore. Approximately three months ago, I decided to play some online competitions (faceit). I got some good results, like when I beat agent to reach the round of 8 where I faced pavel_ (I lost in two maps but the score were close : +2 / +1). Afterwards, most people discovered me when I played Cypher on FACEIT TV stream.

Your name starts to be called more and more on ESReality or other Quake-related sites. Do you feel something has changed regarding the contact you have with other players, europeans and French in particular ?
I didn't really notice any change but I have to confess that getting in touch with stronger player is easier now. Besides, I really enjoy the advices I get from some players like Guismo12, Backsteen or Fraze.

What do you think about the european scene ? Is it easy for you to practice with players of your skill level ? Do you play mostly public games or do you prefer to ask your friendlist so that you can train someone you already know ?
I think we europeans are lucky to have a developped scene with a great variety of players of all skills, which is great to get better. When I practice, I play both public games and private games with no particular preference.

Are there styles or players you find harder than others ?
It would be difficult for me to give a list of players I find hard to play. I would simply say that in QuakeLive the different skill levels of players are well defined and segmented (low / mid / high / top). Thus, the players you'll find hard to beat are those situated in the immediate next segment. Personnaly, I think I'm at the boundary between mid and high.

You almost won a round of 16 match against Cypher in the FACEIT#14. You were ahead in score but Cypher made a huge comeback. Can you tell us what you think of that game ?
First of all, I was quite nervous at the beginning of the match because many things were new to me : playing Cypher and being streamed. Then, I started well in the game and I was in the lead with a relatively comfortable margin. Unfortunately, later on I kind of fell apart and I did many mistakes instead of playing a defensive game and play the clock considering the lead I had. Lack of experience, I think that is what cost me the game.

Let's speak about your projects concerning QuakeLive. Do you want to invest more time into the game and try to win online competitions or is it just a hobby ? Did you already think about going to a LAN event like a DreamHack or an UGC (a potential one...) ?
I'm satisfied with partaking in online competitions at the moment, even if I do with with no particular ambition. Still, I am enjoying the competitive side of the game more and more. I noticed a small progression in my skill for I got in the top 8 in three consecutive FACEIT cups and I hope I will do at least as good in the next ones ;). Regarding LANs, I don't have any plans about them for now.

What do you think of other game modes ? Are you going to follow the TDM and CTF Nations Cups ? What do you think about the French Teams chances in these ?

Actually, I don't really play other game modes in QuakeLive. Sometimes I play Instagib in memory of my good old Quake 3 time :). I also play Clan Arena from time to time. I'm not really fond of team based modes so I don't have any experience in TDM or CTF and I never enjoyed them. Concerning the Nations Cups, I'm not going to follow the matches but I'll keep me informed of the results of the French teams for I think they have great chances to make good performances.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, last words are yours.
I would like to thank you for the interview and give a special thank to the FACEIT team (roychez, zoot, ddk, ins, stermy, etc.) for all they do to keep QuakeLive alive.

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  • heartlesss

    25-02-2013 @ 13:28

    25 ans :o

    je le pensais plus jeune.

    c impressionnant de progresser aussi vite à cet âge là! D'habitude ceux qui progressent vite sont les teens de 16-20 ans, mais apparemment l'âge ne fait pas le joueur :D

    j'ai la même souris et le même tapis que lui :D



    26-02-2013 @ 19:14

    Ouais, t'a juste pas le même skill ! x)


  • heartlesss

    28-02-2013 @ 20:55

    en duel c sur que j ai pas le meme skill :p


3 commentaires (1 à 3)

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